One of the market leaders for lighting solutions in Denmark is LIGHT-POINT, which has been on the market since 1995. This dynamic and innovative company has designed and developed its own collections of designer lamps, with the philosophy that light plays a key role in interior design. The company’s lamps are built to emphasise architectural details in order to create a cosy atmosphere. Light is an important building block in all our lives. Light-Point uses the newest technologies in light design, bringing functional and useful light together in a stylish and gorgeous design. The new light sources ensure an effective glow for the entire home, whether indoors or outdoors.
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More information about LIGHT-POINT lamps

The lamps are available in neutral colours, which means that they’re easy to integrate in modern homes. LIGHT-POINT offers a wide range of exciting and elegant designs, all characterised by their simple and clean look. LIGHT-POINT’s innovative and creative way of designing and developing lamps are there to help you improve your interior design.

LIGHT-POINT Cube and other popular lamps

The large selection of LIGHT-POINT lamps opens up lots of possibilities - consider the mounted Cube lamp, which is primarily intended for outdoor use. The lamp is beautiful and suits almost all homes, thanks to its stylish and clean design. That said, the Cube collection can also be used in hallways and dark corners of your home that need a bit of light. The beautiful, minimalistic Cube lamps are available in three sizes and in black, white, and silver.

One of their other iconic lamps is Archi, which is an important piece of design history. The design was based on the famous 1937 architect lamp, made up of easily recognisable designs. The timeless Archi series consists of Archi W2, which is the biggest mounted lamp in the collection. It offers good light, albeit slightly limited. Aside from Archi W2, the collection includes Archi F2, which is a gorgeous standing lamp, designed in the same classic form as the rest of the collection. The collection also includes a table lamp, another mounted lamp and a pendant.

LIGHT-POINT has plenty of lamps on offer, including the lovely, elegant Twiggy pendant designed by Ronni Gol. The lamp’s timeless and minimalist design culminates in a distinctive bend that helps produce comfortable light. The lamp is available in black and white.

The LIGHT-POINT Flat lamp is designed in a slim and elegant shape that works perfectly with the LED light. The lamp can be hung quite low without getting in the way and is designed in a way that ensures that the light is soft and comfortable. You can use the Flat lamp at your worktable, in your conference room, and over your dining table—the 18W light is strong enough to work anywhere. Flat is available in black and white and is easy to incorporate into your existing interior set-up.
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