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Marset has chosen to work with more than just lamps. The company deals with all aspects of light, from honing its different nuances and effects to creating atmospheres that improve quality of life for all customers.

The company has chosen to dedicate all its endeavours to the pursuit of stellar designs that help ensure that all products that leave the factory are flawless and high-quality.
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More about Marset lamps

Purchasing a Marset lamp is a journey that stimulates the senses, thanks to the company’s collection of innovative and intelligent products. The Marset lamps are modern and refined and can be used in a range of contexts and situations because of the creative and technical solutions used by the company’s designers. The designers’ commitment to seeking out new production methods, paired with their curiosity and foresight, helps the company create a wide range of popular and remarkable collections of lighting solutions.

Marset started as a family establishment in the 1940s. The company was built up around its skill for iron foundry, which has been a major asset ever since. The company has accumulated the knowledge required to strengthen its position in the marketplace and over time, the company has become one of the major players on the international lighting solutions scene.

Marset is an original, innovative, and recognisable brand that makes versatile designs that fit into all corners of your home, regardless of the atmosphere of the room. The brand is on the ball as far as trends are concerned and its signature style is a modernised version of the classic designs from the 50s and 60s.

Marset Follow Me

Marset offers a range of popular lamps, including its FollowMe table lamp which is portable and rechargeable. FollowMe is suited for indoor as well as outdoor use and is designed to sit comfortably in your hand. It is the ideal lamp to bring on a trip, thanks to its small and compact design. FollowMe can be charged through the built-in USB port.

Marset Maranga

Marange is another popular lamp from the Marset collection. Maranga was the original name for an imaginary fruit that is tempting and juicy. The lamp casts a warm and comfortable atmosphere, which brings in a hint of Scandinavian design. The shade consists of 32 slices that help the rays of light disappear in the loveliest fashion. In addition, the shade helps ensure that the light does not blind you.

Marset Discocó

Discocó is a lamp that lights up a room even when it is turned off. The lamp’s dramatic interplay of light and soft shadows guides the light of the lamp to a graceful dance along the walls of your room. Discocó is an attractive and popular pendant lamp from Marset that offers appealing nuances and depth. This unique lamp offers round shapes to help ensure that it suits every room in a way that only a statement piece can do. Discocó is available in black, gold, white, yellow, purple, red, turquoise, and sand. It is available in Ø35 and Ø50.
The Marset collections are characterised by their authentic feel, meaningful simplicity and decorative yet practical approach.
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