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"At Nordlux, we make lamps that are easy to fall in love with," begins the raison d'être on the Danish lamp manufacturer's website - and it's hard not to agree when exploring their beautiful, large and wide portfolio. Nordlux was founded in 1977, and it has always been their goal to create lights that can shape, fill and enhance an interior, as well as their mission to create lights at a reasonable price.

Here you can explore the many models that keep Nordlux relevant to this day. There really is something for everyone - and if you're looking for something specific, you can always limit your search to only wall lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, outdoor lights or pendants from Nordlux. You can also dive into the exciting Nordlux-produced design lamps from Design for the People!
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Lamps from Nordlux

At Nordlux, it is the Danish design heritage, constant technological innovation, long product life, aesthetics, functionality and competitive pricing that drive the ship when new products are launched. It is a recipe that is behind lamp hits such as the Adrian, Alton, Christina, Bob and Coupar series, and it is this recipe that has made Nordlux a top player in the Danish lighting industry as well as abroad for over 45 years.

Today, Nordlux is a huge company, their exquisite range of lamps is sold in more than 50 countries and can be found in over 1,000 stores - here at Lampemesteren, we endeavour to have as much of their range on our shelves as possible, so you can always find exactly the Nordlux lamp you need. On this page, you'll find hundreds of different products, and there's sure to be just the light source you need for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, utility room, carport, hobby room, home office, etc.

The classic, versatile, popular Nordlux lamp

Nordlux creates something for every interior and every taste. The North Jutland lighting company has a huge and broad portfolio, and there is certainly something for every type. That said, there is no doubt that it is the practical lights that Nordlux is best known for:

  • Roar is the best-selling Nordlux lamp in the country. The model is the epitome of Nordlux and offers a good, practical design, good functionality, a strong construction and not least a competitive price!
  • Scorpius is also practical lighting in strong materials from Nordlux.
  • Kinver is another lamp from Nordlux that sells well. It is for those who want good light and a practical way to solve lighting tasks.
  • Canto is a lighting collection that can also solve all your lighting needs. The competitive price is deceptive and you wouldn't think you could get a quality lamp at this price!

  • Nordlux To-Go lamps

    To-Go lamps - or portable lamps - have really taken over the shelves here at the lamp retailers as well as all the places in the world where there is no access to electricity or where a cord would disturb the interior design. Nordlux saw this development a long time ago, which is why they create a range of different lamps that can solve all your portable lighting needs!
    • Ara To Go is a good example of just that - the small lamp shape with a strap at the top is easy to take with you on the terrace, picnic or in the woods. The lamp offers a high degree of sealing that means you don't have to worry about moisture, and with a battery life of 80 hours, the small aluminium lamp is the obvious choice for those who don't let a sunset stop the barbecue.

    • Bring To-Go is a practical round lamp born with a large strap as an integral part of the design itself. The model invites adventure, and if you want to explore the outdoors after nightfall, it's really easy to find a branch or something similar where you can hang the small round lamp. When not in use, Bring's lamp light is easily switched off, and the small shape makes it easy to put the lamp in your pocket.

    • Bob is a classic lantern shape that replaces the candle with an LED light source. The lamp, created in bamboo, comes with a solar cell on top of its body - and is therefore charged during the day. Then, when darkness falls, the small LED bulb switches on and Bob's surroundings are bathed in a warm, cosy light.

    Nordlux LED

    Today, all Nordlux lamps that come with a built-in light source are LED. LED is now the only legal thing you can sell a lamp with - and the old halogen bulbs that many were fond of are now only found in fridges, ovens and car headlights. The incandescent bulb is non-existent, as is the gas-saving light bulb.

    Therefore, we can guarantee that the Nordlux lamp you receive will have an LED light source. If the lamp does not come with a built-in light source, we always send a free light source - and the free light source is always an LED light bulb.

    If you are curious about light bulbs, and perhaps a bit confused about the many light types, wattages, lux values and the like, then we recommend that you visit our Learning about light bulbs article!
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