Piffany Copenhagen Lamps

Piffany Copenhagen is a Danish design company committed to helping its customers discover fun and unique products. The company specialises in things you wouldn’t see elsewhere as well as products with unique characteristics or features.

At Piffany Copenhagen, the mission is to add a touch of personality to people’s homes, which is evident in the range of products available. The company has experimented with materials and shapes throughout its lifetime, which is what helps set it apart.

Mr. Wattson is the most recent addition to the wacky Piffany Copenhagen universe. This interesting little fella can fit in anywhere that you feel is in need of a unique touch. Mr. Wattson is available in seven different colours.

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More about Piffany Copenhagen

Unique products with a twist are what make Piffany Copenhagen stand out.

Piffany Copenhagen gathers all the best and most unique designs from a large group of designers in order to make these available to customers across Scandinavia.

Mr. Wattson is one of the many interesting Piffany Copenhagen products on offer. You can place him wherever you like, regardless of whether it’s your bookshelf, nightstand, or child’s room that needs a unique touch. He’s bound to bring joy wherever he goes.
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