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SLV exists in the cross-section between disco balls and German engineering and stands on the shoulders of a long, impressive history in the lighting industry. The German brand was founded in the wake of Saturday Night Fever in 1979, where SLV supplied Sound, Light, and Video to clubs around the country.

Since then, there’s been lots of water under the bridge—and these days, the L in the acronym has become essential to SLV. The company mentions passion, responsibility, respect, and reliability as its four main values, so you’re guaranteed impeccable German build quality when you purchase an SLV lamp.
Fenda Wall Lamp Beige - SLV
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Para 380 Pendant Black - SLV
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The SLV Rusty, Ovalisk, and Logs Garden Lamp

SLV has a wide range of lamps but the elegant Ovalisk, the minimalist Logs, and the charming Rusty have been especially well-received in gardens around the world. Ovalisk is characterised by its glass lampshade, which conceals and opalised glass element and adds elegance to your outdoor spaces. If you go for the smart Logs lamp, you’re in for a level of minimalism that’ll make you wonder if SLV is actually Scandinavian. The smart, streamlined shape provides an understated touch, bathing your garden in its gorgeous glow. If you prefer a rustic touch, consider Rusty, which actively uses rust in its construction. Rusty has a unique expression guaranteed to contribute edge and character to your outdoor spaces.

The Incredible SLV Fenda Collection

Floor lamp for the living room? Fenda. Trendy table lamp for your desk? Fenda. Lovely pendant above the dining table? Fenda. Wall lamp for the hallway? You guessed it: Fenda.

Fenda is one of SLV’s biggest collection, complete with lamps suited for every kind of task imaginable, not to mention every style of décor. Amongst other colours, Fenda comes in white, black, and beige and with a wealth of finishes. Discover the different options, and dive into the smart Bow model!
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