Raw, chic and elegant at the same time – Gino Sarfatti hit the nail on the head when he designed the iconic 2097 chandelier for Flos 60 years ago. You might think that after all that time the 2097 has been outpaced by younger competitors, but that is not the case! 2097 is still relevant and top-shelf design, and it does not look like anything else. With either 30 or 50 light sources, this fantastic and sculptural chandelier creates the perfect light in your home. In the hall, over the dining table or in the living room – there are plenty of options, and no matter where you choose to use the 2097, it will not only function as a lamp but as a piece of design in itself. You and your guests will enjoy it every time you pass by it.
Gino Sarfatti was an Italian designer who throughout most of his career worked with and studied illumination, and the crown of his long career has to be the 2097 chandelier. It revolutionized the design world with its innovative thinking back in 1958 and is still one of the most iconic chandeliers on the market. In honour of its anniversary Flos has relaunched 2097 in a new gorgeous limited edition in matte black, so it can fit into the contemporary home with minimalism, sustainability and great style all around. 2097 will love a room with high ceilings and with open sightlines all the way around but can also be hung lower or in a smaller room – no matter where, it will look fantastic!

If you need some wow factor in your home and you want people to look at your ceiling in awe, the 2097 should move in with you right away!

Flos chandeliers 2097/18, 2097/30, and 2097/50

Flos 2097 chandelier’s eccentric and elegant appearance is the result of the many light sources held together by slender arms. Every detail was thought through when Gino Sarfatti designed the 2097 in 1958. The sharp details paired with organised chaos reveal the designer’s innovative approach to light design.

The modern take on the traditional chandelier has a neat industrial look that fits perfectly with the modern style of décor. The glossy frame contains 18, 30, or 50 light sources that work together to bathe the room in a lovely indirect glow.

  • 2097/18 – 18 light sources: Ø 70 cm.
  • 2097/30 – 30 light sources: Ø 88 cm.
  • 2097/50 – 50 light sources: Ø 100 cm.

Available in three sizes, there’s a 2097 chandelier for everyone, whether your home has high ceilings or you want to command attention in a hallway, reception area, or hospitality space. Choose between the version with traditional incandescent bulbs or modern LED light sources.
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