Andrea Tosetto

Born: June 4th 1959
Works: Kelly , Stockholm, and Tris, for Studio Italia Design
Education: The Art School and the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice

Marcon is a suburb of Venice, and a few kilometres from there, we find the island of Murano. In 1950, Angelo Tosetto could be seen walking back and forth along this path – from his workshop with artistic chandeliers in Marcon to the island of Murano, where he tried to learn the secrets of the local glass shops that mastered the technique of making handblown glass. He was especially interested in the light created through the use of two simple materials: glass and metal, which became his materials of choice. Angelo’s wish to design was combined with the traditions, characteristics, and history of his hometown. Pure passion and a sense of artistic belonging slowly led to the creation of Studio Italia Design.
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Andrea Tosetto

Andrea Tosetto was born in Mestre in 1959. After having studied at the Art School and the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, he started working at Studio Italia Design in 1977, at the age of 18. His father, Angelo Tosetto, had founded the company in the 1950s. Before long, Andrea Tosetto had taken the reins, which had a massive impact on the development of the company. Amongst other products, he is the man behind the amazing Kelly Collection
from Studio Italia Design.

Andrea Tosetto’s son, Massimilano Tosetto, has been part of Studio Italia Design since 2013. This makes him the third generation of Tosettos at the helm of the family business, tasked with maintaining its legacy and bringing it into the 21st century.

Studio Italia Design

With a perfect balance between shape and function, Studio Italia Design create elegant, practical, and lovely lamps. They combine the fundamental understand of glasswork, metalwork, and lighting with the newest lighting technology. So, even though the works are innovative and modern, they still have their characteristic features such as processing methods and quality materials.

The family-owned Italian company continues to be based in Venice, where they manufacture high-quality lamps that live up to the prestigious “Made in Italy” label. They have long-standing partnerships with international designers who have helped create unique lamps. An example of this is the popular Nostalgi Pendant , which is available in a range of shapes and materials.
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