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&Tradition is a Danish design company, founded in 2010 with a vision of creating design with a focus on tradition and innovation. At &tradition you’ll find a unique collection of beautiful furniture and timeless lighting, spanning from the 1930s up to today and encompassing work from internationally recognised designers. &tradition strives to create timeless design born of both tradition and revolution. &tradition respects the old masters – who were avant garde in their time – while welcoming the new designers who are creating the icons of the future.
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&Tradition - high-quality lamps and furniture

&Tradition aims to combine Nordic traditions and values with modern design. The majority of &tradition lamps are designed by Verner Panton. Quality is the number one priority—but the aesthetics of the design and the production methods are phenomenal as well.

&tradition experiments a lot with its designs and is always working on developing new techniques for manufacturing lights and lamps. The designs are provocative and groundbreaking and aim to redefine ways to combine materials, functions, and shapes.

The &tradition collection includes new as well as classical designs, such as the timeless and ever-popular Flowerpot by Verner Panton.

The Danish brand was established in 2010, founded on the principle that tradition and innovation go hand in hand. The company’s product collection includes furniture and lighting fixtures from 1930 to the present day.
&tradition is famous for its distinctive and interesting lamps. The company’s philosophy helps it create a universe of unlimited opportunities, where craftsmanship meets art. Functionality meets shape. Material meets potential. It’s Nordic and it’s &tradition. The company works consistently to work on our cultural heritage. Modern design, refashioning, reinvention of materials, techniques, and shapes—these are the company’s goals, all of which are clearly expressed through their designs.

&tradition is a brand that respects the nature that provides them with their raw materials. The company also believes in sustainable designs, emphasising that their aim is to bring solid craftsmanship and modern design together. &tradition mixes work from the great designers of the past and the yet-to-be great designers of the future. Its designs are focus on soft, round edges that make you feel like the materials are being pampered. The &tradition trademark is their catalogue, which is filled with classical, re-launched, and new products.

Nowadays, &tradition works with designs from famous international architects. The beautiful collection of products consists of the classic Arne Jacobsen Bellevue lamp and the Flemming Lassen Mayer sofa. This means that the company always has an interesting product collection on offer—another interesting product being the Milk table lamp by Norm Architects. The lamp produces a soft glow and an inbuilt dimmer function that makes it perfect for workplaces as well as cosy home spaces.

The product collection also includes the Mega Bulb, which is the equivalent of a poetic lightning bolt. The tiny irregularities in the hand-blown glass means that every pendulum is unique, which adds that extra bit of history to the lamp. Mega Bulb offers high-quality design and lighting. &tradition has a range of other unique and irresistible lamps on offer.

&tradition can help you personalise your home in a way you never thought possible. Add a sensual and stylish touch to your home. The forward-thinking brains behind the brand are always on the lookout for products that will eventually become classics—like NORM’s Milk table lamp. The company has a global perspective and is always searching for international talents. It has high requirements for quality and production facilities are chosen on a case-by-case basis with a specific set of criteria in mind.

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