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The timeless British brand is best known for the Original 1227 architect lamp—a beautiful lamp with a minimalist design. These days, the Anglepoise 1227 collection has been expanded to include a pendant, table, floor, and wall lamp. The simple industrial expression makes the entire collection the perfect fit for modern décor.

There have been various developments of this iconic lamp. In 2014, Anglepoise launched Anglepoise Type 75 from 1968 in four new eye-catching colour combinations. The new versions were designed in collaboration with the British fashion designer Paul Smith who’s known for his distinct men’s wear. His colour mastery is clear to see in the amazing reinterpretation of Type 75.

Anglepoise have been creating lamps that are considered British design classics for more than 80 years. Each lamp in the collection is flexible and practical, thanks to the distinct, ground-breaking balancing mechanics. The collection is the perfect fit for desks, nightstands, and practical lighting to illuminate any workspace you can think of.
Original 1227 Brass Wall Lamp Jet Black - Anglepoise
RRP EUR 194.00
Back in stock on: 07-06-2023
Original 1227 Wall Lamp Dove Grey - Anglepoise
RRP EUR 152.00
Expected in: 10 - 14 days
90 Mini Mini Table Lamp Biscuit Beige - Anglepoise
RRP EUR 157.00
Expected in: 10 - 14 days
Original 1227 Maxi Pendant Jet Black - Anglepoise
RRP EUR 257.00
Expected in: 10 - 14 days
Type 75 Mini Wall Lamp Jet Black - Anglepoise
RRP EUR 136.00
Back in stock on: 09-06-2023
Type 75 Wall Lamp Jet Black - Anglepoise
RRP EUR 152.00
Expected in: 10 - 14 days
Type 75 Mini Wall Lamp w/Cable Jet Black - Anglepoise
RRP EUR 136.00
Back in stock on: 22-06-2023
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In 1932, the car engineer George Carwardine created a new formula for a spring. He discovered that a swingarm supported by four of these springs can easily be moved without losing its position—that was the birth of the first Anglepoise lamp. In the beginning, the lamps were practical and industrial, but as part of the expansion in 1935, the collection got a lamp with only three springs. That’s the lamp we know as Original 1227.

Since 2003, Kenneth Grange has been spearheading the large lamp firm. He started his career as a technical illustrator and has since gained quite the reputation as an industrial production designer. He once identified Anglepoise as his favourite design—calling it a “minor miracle of balance”—and is now the Design Director. He endeavours to stay true to the core of the business while applying a forward-thinking, innovative approach to his work.

Although the lamps have been developed and refined over time, their function and distinct shape have been carefully maintained. These days, you can find the Anglepoise lamp in homes, offices, restaurants, bars, and hotels in more than 50 countries. The latest collections have been developed in collaboration with renowned designers like Paul Smith and Margaret Howell—British design remains at the heart of this British brand.
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