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At Lampemesteren, you’ll find a wide range of flexible and practical lamps. The architect lamp is one of the most popular options in practical lighting, and innumerable versions therefore exist. Each lamp provides flexibility in the shape of a bendable arm, paired with a concentrated work light and often a design that references the retro style. Whether your home is characterised by classic or modern décor, the architect lamp is bound to fit in.

One of the most popular architect lamps is the Artemides Tolomeo collection, which comprises everything from table lamps of different sizes to floor and wall lamps. The collection has won various prizes since the first Tolomeo table lamp was launched in 1987, and the lamp is both renowned and popular.

The British brand Anglepoise offers the architect lamp in wall, table, floor, and ceiling versions, all with a modern touch and an industrial look. Note their 2014 relaunch of the Anglepoise Type 75 in eye-catching colour combinations, born from a collaboration with the British fashion designer Paul Smith. The perfect contrast for the while walls of Scandinavian décor or as a children’s desk or night light.
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The first architect lamp saw the light of day in the 1920s, when it was invented by Bernard Albin-Gras. His work lamp with its adjustable arm and ball joint was a revolutionary invention. It was placed in offices, workrooms, labs, and other places in need of an amazing work light. Before long, the lamp had become popular with architects, hence the name of the Architect lamp. Bernard later sold the rights to his lamp, which went into product as the Gras lamp. Some of the Gras lamps were relaunched by three Frenchmen in 2008, when Lampe Gras was founded.

The flexible ball joint was exchanged for the spring combination we all know and love in 1932. The man behind the change was the British engineer George Carwadine. In 1934, the lamp went into production as the ”Anglepoise 1203”, followed by the more elegant ”Anglepoise 1227”. The latter was relaunched in 2003 and is now produced and sold as the ”Original 1227”.

These days, the architect lamp can be seen in all sorts of workplaces, but it has also found its way into private homes. The flexible arm has come into use as a reading lamp, night light, and a practical solution above workspaces in the kitchen and desks in children’s rooms.
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