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Since 1978, Menu have endeavoured to make use of the best designers and artisans from around the world. The Danish designer brand expresses creativity, comfort, and functionality through modern design in the form of furniture, lighting, and accessories. The Menu range includes a lovely and elegant selection of home accessories that are the perfect fit for the modern fashion trend. With neat lines paired with high-quality materials, their products have a minimalist silhouette that breathes calm into every simple design. The vision for the collection was to create lovely home accessories for daily use to create the perfect framework for your day-to-day life and bring your décor together.

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Audo Candlesticks

Audo produces a wide range of high-quality candle holders for all candle types and applications. There are both large sumptuous works of art and small understated elegances that quietly hang on the wall and impress those who take the time to enjoy the design.

  • Audo Interconnect is of the first type. The beautiful pole is a celebration of the daring and the experimental. Designed by Colin King, a trained dancer who uses the balance and elegance of dance to create a pole that seems to be in perpetual motion. Interconnect is available in both brass and powder coated metal. See both variants here

  • Audo POV Wall Mount is one of the most popular models in the Audos portfolio. The beautiful candle holder from Note Design Studio is mounted on the wall and becomes a reminder to light candles and enjoy the coziness. The light, airy design plays along with the optical illusion of depth, and the candleholder is sure to become a striking element in your interior when you hang it up.

  • Duca Candleholder is a classic candleholder with a twist. The beautiful candleholder is named after the Latin word for extend - and with a turn of the base knob you can extend the candleholder and increase the height from 16.5 to 24 centimeters. This means that if you have several candlesticks of the same type and some of the candles in the stage system have burned down, you can even out the height of the many candlesticks. An obvious choice is to use Duca for your next Advent wreath - then all candles are the same height when you light the fourth and last candle. Duca is available in three colors, see them all here!

Salt and pepper set - Audo Bottle Grinder

No one could have predicted the huge success of the Bottle Grinder before it was released - but when you learn the talented designers behind it, it all makes sense. Norm Architects created the grinder back in the day, and if you know the company, you know that they create some of the most beautiful designs.

The Bottle Grinder is ideal for salt crystals and peppercorns, but you can also use them for dried herbs and seeds in cooking. Audo makes a wide range of kitchen equipment, so you can be sure that the Bottle Grinder is created with a certain expertise in the field. Audo's mission is to create products that make everyday life better - and with the Bottle Grinder they have done just that.

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Audo Bowl and Vase

Audo is behind a wide range of home accessory products, all of which can help put the finishing touch on your interior design, so that your decor is top notch. The wide range includes a variety of decorative items, including Audo's wonderful bowls and vases.

A vase and a bowl are always meant to hold something, but if you buy a product from Audo, it is always beautiful on its own. The packaging becomes the main focus and the flower or fruit that will live in your vase or bowl becomes secondary. A vase or bowl can be a great way to add visual interest and function to your home. Here are some ways you can use a vase or bowl in your decor:

  • Add color: A colorful vase or bowl can add a pop of color to any room. You can choose a vase or bowl in a color that matches your existing color scheme or you can choose a contrasting color to add an interesting element.

  • Add texture: A vase or bowl in an interesting texture, such as glass or ceramic with a pattern, can add a sense of depth and dimension to your space.

  • Add height: A tall vase or bowl can add height to an otherwise flat surface, such as a dining table or console. You can choose a vase or bowl in a height that suits the room and the size of the furniture.

  • Add nature: A vase or bowl filled with flowers or greenery can add a sense of life and nature to your space.

  • Add function: A bowl can be used to store small items like keys or jewelry, while a vase can be used to hold flowers or branches.

    No matter how you use a vase or bowl in your decor, it's important to keep in mind that it should fit your personal style and the overall aesthetic of your home.

    ByLassen Kubus Candleholder

    Mogens Lassen was born in 1901, just one year before his younger brother Flemming Lassen. The two boys grew up in Copenhagen with a father who was a decorative painter and later a coffee roaster owner, and a mother who was also a painter and the daughter of composer August Winding. Both grew up to become architects, and the Lassen surname became famous and infamous in design circles.

    Mogens Lassen designed many exciting designs - including the System House in Ordrup - but his most famous home accessories product is without a doubt the Kubus candlestick. He designed the candlestick series in 1962, but it wasn't until the 1980s, when his grandson Søren Lassen saw the potential of the candlesticks, that they were put into production.

    Kubus is a hugely popular product and is now sold under the Audo tab of products!

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