Danish AYTM is a new designer brand. The couple Kathrine and Per Gran Hartvigsen have been running Gran Living ApS since 2004 and have amassed great success and experience in terms of designing and manufacturing high-quality interior design solutions for private homes.

The aim of AYTM is to create a collection tailored for retail and add something new to Danish design.

AYTM comprises a team of talented designers with various backgrounds in the field. This has proven to be a strength, as the unique skills that each designer brings to the table enables AYTM to create collections that well and truly earn their place on the design map.

Since the beginning, the company has been focused on the designs themselves. Kathrine and Per’s goal for AYTM is to create something different that surprises with its originality.

The company aims to create high-quality collections with the ability to inspire, and to meet this end, design plays a central role in AYTM. Their product collection is a sight for sore eyes.
Cycnus Pendant Ø30 Taupe/Gold - AYTM
RRP EUR 256.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
Cycnus Wall Lamp Ø45 Black/Gold - AYTM
RRP EUR 269.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
Cycnus Pendant Ø30 Black/Gold - AYTM
RRP EUR 256.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
Cycnus Pendant Ø45 Taupe/Gold - AYTM
RRP EUR 296.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
Cycnus Pendant Ø45 Black/Gold - AYTM
RRP EUR 296.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
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A shining example – Luceo, a new Danish lamp collection

With a touch of luxury and unbeatable quality, the AYTM team is ready to present the first lamp collection in their range.

Luceo from AYTM is a meticulous and modern lamp collection, completely in line with AYTM’s vision. Each and every detail has been carefully observed and specially selected for this collection.

With Luceo, AYTM has combined the delicacy of the fine glass with the hardness of the metal to create a light and timeless lamp designed to fit into a wide range of interior styles.

The aim of the Luceo collection is to create a lamp collection that focuses on the light, which must be both direct and cosy all at once.

AYTM have managed to create a lamp collection with an aesthetic expression and a sculptural finish.

Luceo is the Latin verb “to shine”. The lovely and classic lamp collection was inspired by Ancient Rome, where you would find the lovely “bridges” with their iconic arches. These aqueducts were erected in order to bring water to the cities, and these arches inspired Luceo from the beginning.

With a good story and a stylish design, Luceo is ready to take its place in the designer spotlight and illuminate every room on its way.
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