Bernard-Albin Gras

Born: 1886 Died: 1943
Best-known work: La Lampe Gras series
Training: Architect

In 1922, Bernard-Albin Gras designed a series of lamps intended for offices and workshops. The Gras lamp – La Lampe Gras, as it was later called - was a unique lamp with its simple, robust and ergonomic design. In its original form, the lamp had no screws or welded joints. In 1927, Ravel bought the patent for La Lampe Gras and started production of the lamp.

Bernard-Albin Gras was one of the 20th century’s greatest designers, and his lamps are still very popular today. The lamps are exceptionally functional, and every detail completely original and far ahead of its time.

Le Corbusier, legendary architect and pioneer of Moderism, was a big fan of Bernard-Albin Gras’ designs and he used Lampe Gras lamps in most of his design projects and in his own office. The Lampe Gras was the first lamp to be almost as popular in private homes as it was in offices and business environments.

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104 Wall Lamp Black/Brass - Lampe Gras
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