We’re always striving to create a beautiful home that doesn’t compromise on comfort and cosiness. It’s only natural that we should want our outdoor spaces to generate the same feelings. To accomplish that, why not use a beautiful path lamp or a path lamp with a sensor to make your garden or terrace more inviting and cosy after dark? Outdoor lighting in the form of a path lamp is also great for the driveway or shed in the evening, as the light makes coming home late that much safer. Find the value for money range of lovely path lamps below.
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Path lamp with sensor

A path lamp with a sensor can be helpful when you come home late and it’s so dark that you can’t even find the front door – maybe your hands are full or there’s some other reason you can’t turn on the light yourself. This is where a path lamp with a sensor comes in handy because the light turns on automatically when it detects movement, so you can get inside safe and sound. Furthermore, a path lamp with a sensor is energy-efficient and might help keep burglars at bay.

A path lamp with or without a sensor obviously serves as a light source, but it can also be a decorative part of your outdoor space. If you have a small garden, avoid tall and space-consuming path lamps as these make the garden seem small. Low path lamps, on the other hand, can seem out of place in big gardens. You can place a row of bed lamps at the edge of your garden to create a decorative effect and make your outdoor space seem bigger. In other words, it’s important to consider which path lamp is the best fit for your outdoor space.

A path lamp is a versatile light source that can be placed more or less wherever you see fit using a socket or a spike – and if you want to make your driveway open and accessible, a path lamp is perfect because it helps you find your way without blinding you or your guests. You can even create a cluster of path lamps for a wider light and more complete expression that gives you a beautiful sense of space.

Lampemesteren is home to a wide range of path lamps in all colours, shapes, sizes, and materials, so find the perfect technology and design for your home here.

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