Brass Lamps

A brass lamp contributes the kind of elegance and exclusivity that can only be achieved with the metallic golden, yellow, and reddish shades that characterise brass. A brass wall lamp or pendant looks stunning in contrast to white décor, but it’s also a great fit for dark green, blue, and black rooms.

Another obvious choice is a brass table lamp. These small light fixtures double as sculptures on the desk or dresser, and their warm and strong metallic hues break with the existing décor in the most stylish way. Find our complete value for money range of brass lamps!

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Amrei Wall Lamp Brass - Lindby
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Emina Wall Lamp Gold - Lindby
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Quentin Wall Lamp Gold  Lindby
RRP EUR 84.00
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Emna Pendant Brass - Lindby
RRP EUR 76.00
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Gold Lamps

Golden lamps contribute an extraordinarily exclusive touch to your home, no matter where you place them. One step up from the brass lamps we know and love, gold is particularly great for table lamps that adorn shelves, windowsills, desks, and dressers. The small golden sculpture is guaranteed to bring a contagious sense of excitement into your home, and it’s bound to become the centrepiece of your office, living room, or kitchen décor.

Whether you choose a brass, gold, or other metallic hue, you’re in for a lovely and incredibly elegant fixture that spreads joy and radiates comfort in the room that’s lucky enough to become its new home.

Brass is a copper and zinc alloy. Compared to pure copper, brass is harder and more durable. Copper is softer than brass and better at distributing heat, including conducting electricity. This means that copper is great for bowls and similar items, and it’s commonly used in pots and pans, while brass tends to be popular for decorative items as it is lighter than copper.

But brass is also used for practical items—it’s famously the material we use to make brass instruments like trumpets, bassoons, and tubas, but it’s also used for zippers, locks, and ammunition. The colour varies depending on the quantity of zinc used to create the alloy. A high quantity of zinc results in a lighter hue, whereas alloys with a higher quantity of brass will be reddish.
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