Concrete Lamps

Some people might have negative associations with concrete, but the fact is that this versatile material is used for much more than uninspiring grey apartment blocks and utilitarian moulding. Concrete is an ancient building material that has seen multiple resurgences of popularity in architecture and design thanks to its versatility and various practical uses—just look at the Big Belt Bridge, concrete kitchen counters in modern homes, and elegant little concrete lamps.

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Benno Wall Lamp White - Lindby
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Caisy Round Pendant Concrete/Wood - Lindby
RRP EUR 76.00
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Margot Pendant Concrete/Wood - Lindby
RRP EUR 56.00
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Riak Outdoor Wall Lamp Concrete - Lucande
RRP EUR 135.00
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Smira Wall Lamp Concrete - Lindby
RRP EUR 45.00
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Jasper 3 Pendant Wood/Black/Grey - Envostar
RRP EUR 202.00
Expected in stock: 3 - 5 days
Otavis 3 Pendant Concrete - Lucande
RRP EUR 146.00
Expected in stock: 4 - 6 days
Cataleya LED Outdoor Wall Lamp Concrete - Lindby
RRP EUR 112.00
Expected in stock: 4 - 6 days
Jasper 4 Pendant Wood/Black/Grey - Envostar
RRP EUR 269.00
Expected in stock: 02-07-2024
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Concrete lamps

Since Ancient Greece, the versatile stone material has featured heavily in architecture, and it is now one of the most frequently used materials in the world of construction. Many people are surprised to learn that concrete is environmentally friendly – often more so than trees – and despite criticism of the apartment blocks that shot up in the 1960s, many people have come to realise that the raw and strong expression of concrete is actually quite beautiful.

In most homes, concrete lamps create contrast, and the lovely grey material can contribute a precise and powerful look. Meanwhile, the grey shades are versatile, and no matter the colour scheme of the room, a concrete lamp is bound to be a great fit. Concrete lamps are also guaranteed to retain their shape and expression for years to come. The material is strong, so if you’re placing your concrete lamp inside, you can rest assured that it won’t wear out. The concrete that the Romans mixed all those years ago is still standing—just look at the Pantheon in Rome.

Concrete is a cast material created using a mix of sand, small stones, water, and cement. It’s used for all sorts of things, and steel poles are often moulded into the concrete for reinforcement. Although concrete is resistant to pressure, it isn’t resistant to pulling—that said, it’s rare to see a reinforced concrete lamp.

In any case, brutalism is making a comeback. We’re seeing it in the industrial expression that’s more popular than ever and in the rising popularity of concrete as a material. Concrete has a unique texture, and a concrete lamp contributes a uniquely graphic expression that both breaks with and complements its surroundings. Raw concrete exudes strength and lends power to the things in its vicinity. Get a concrete lamp today, and watch as it takes centre stage in the room with its powerful expression.
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