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The first Coolicon lamp was made in London in 1933, and it’s been adored and dotted in various places over the years: in the Royal Air Force, at city councils, and along the corridors of power. The lamp is particularly famous for its use in the London Underground, where it was placed in backrooms and ticket offices—some of these lamps are still in place to this day.

After its decline in the 80s, Coolicon Lighting have restarted production of the classic and original Coolicon lampshade. Made from enamelled iron in a row of lovely, stylish colours, the lamp has an elegant yet industrial expression. The pendant is available with and without an Underground Map, and the lamp exists in two different sizes.

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From industrial work light to modern décor

The Coolicon pendant was designed to effectively light up the garages and factories of the United Kingdom. With the two “holes” at the top of the lamp, the Coolicon pendant helped reduce the convection heat by 40% as the heat cold escape upwards rather than downwards—a relief to all those who slaved away in the tough industry. These days, the Coolicon lamp is still made in England and remains faithful to the original. The clean lines and enamelled surface are available in a range of colours.

In connection with the integration of the industrial style into private residences, the lamp has had a resurgence of popularity. A lamp by Coolicon adds a personal touch to your décor while contributing with a practical glow. Place it above your dining table or preferred workspace in the kitchen or the office to let the downlight illuminate your work. The lamp is incredibly useful for cafés and restaurants as it provides an amazing light as well as a cosy atmosphere.

The shared roots of the Underground Map and Coolicon

Anyone who has travelled on the London underground know the Underground Map. A map that brought order to the extensive network and has since spread out onto the streets of London. The famous map was designed by the British technical illustrator Harry Beck who use to work for the signal office as part of the London underground.

Just like the first Coolicon lamp, these maps came into production at 1933. The shared roots and the appearance of the pendant by the London underground was the inspiration for the Coolicon lampshade that shows the underground map in all its glory—either at the top of the lampshade or on its inside. Due to the historic relationship with London Transport, Coolicon Lighting is the only company in the world with the rights to use the original Harry Beck map.

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