The stylish lamps with minimalist designs are perfect for everything from detached homes to modern functionalist villas. On tall surfaces, the Cube lamp contributes an up- and downlight in the form of a lovely, graphic cone of light that adds a unique touch to your home. If you want a more discreet light on a wall that doesn’t have space for a bigger wall lamp, there’s a Cube lamp for that too. Our range includes Cube lamps in black, white, and steel, and there are various sizes available with one or more light sources. Whether you need a minimalist lamp for your bedroom, bathroom, or outdoor spaces, you can find it below.
Arca W100 LED Outdoor Wall Lamp Up/Down Black - Antidark
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Cube lamps for the entire home – including outdoors

Scandinavian décor is famous for its minimalism and neat lines, not to mention its focus on quality. The simpler a product appears, the easier it is to gauge the proportions and quality. As a result, the cubic shapes have become popular in modern décor, including when it comes to lighting solutions. The simple, minimalist can be used all over the home, wherever you need a practical light with a timeless design.

The lovely Ice Cube wall lamp from the Italian brand Fabbian is one of the most popular Cube lamps for the bathroom. It frames the mirror in a gorgeous light and fits seamlessly into all surroundings. The timeless design can be used as a wall and ceiling lamp, so you have plenty of options when it’s time to incorporate the elegant style into your existing décor.

LIGHT-POINT has a range of cubic lamps. If you want to use Cube lamps outdoors, then check out the brand’s Cube outdoor wall lamp. It’s available in two models, one of which either has an up- or downlight, while the other combines the two. No matter which version you choose, you’re guaranteed a lovely, graphic cone of light when you mount the lamp on the gable or along the exterior of the house.

Cube wall lamps are perfect for smaller rooms, such as small hallways or entranceways, where they can be placed along the wall without taking up too much space. Cube wall lamps and ceiling lamps are perfect for walk-in wardrobes, where there’s limited space but you need an excellent light. The stylish Code collection from Trizo21 gives you the option of a Cube wall lamp in black, white, or aluminium, depending on what works best for you and your décor.
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