Dining table - dining room

At the dining table it’s important to have good light that doesn’t blind your guests or obstruct your view of the person sitting across from you.

The best type of light source is a traditional incandescent bulb or a clear halogen bulb – that way both you and the food on the table will look as inviting as possible.

Remember to choose a lamp with a wide light spread to create even lighting over the whole surface of the table.

If there is other lighting in the dining room it’s a good idea to choose a lamp that only project light down onto the table, but if the lamp is going to be the primary lighting for the room it’s better to choose a lamp that projects light both onto the table as well as out into the room – for example a lamp with a frosted or transparent shade.

Here you’ll find a range of lamps that will work well over the dining table. You can also search specifically for dining table lamps.

All of our lamps are delivered with bulbs.
Tip Top 2, 3, 4, 6 Pendant - Pandul
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Formakami Pendant JH4 - &Tradition
Before EUR 182.00
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The Bouquet Pendant 1 - Le Klint
Before EUR 255.00
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Eos Pendant White - Umage
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Ejka Pendant Dark Green - Dyberg Larsen
Before EUR 200.00
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PH 5 Pendant Modern White - Louis Poulsen
Before EUR 805.00
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Cafè Pendant Ø25 Opal - Dyberg Larsen
Before EUR 74.00
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DL31 Pendant Matte White - DybergLarsen
Before EUR 134.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
Coolicon Original 1933 Design Pendant Blue - Coolicon
Before EUR 228.00
Expected in: 21 - 24 days
Lamella 1 Pendant Gold - Le Klint
Before EUR 703.00
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Lamella 1 Pendant - Le Klint
Before EUR 703.00
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Formakami Pendant JH3 - &Tradition
Before EUR 196.00
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Slim S1500 Pendant 2700K Black - LIGHT-POINT
Before EUR 619.00
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Mega Bulb SR2 Pendant Clear - &tradition
Before EUR 154.00
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