The unique Eos lamps from Umage are made with goose feather, creating a fascinating beauty, not to mention a warm and atmospheric light. The flexible lampshade can be used as a pendant, table lamp, or floor lamp by pairing it with a stand or mount as you see fit. Add an elegant and sophisticated look to your home with an Eos lamp above your dining table, on your nightstand, or for a cosy living room glow.
Eos Pendant Mini White - Umage
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Eos Nano Shade White - Umage
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Eos Shade Mini Blue - Umage
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Eos Micro Shade White - Umage
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Eos Shade Medium Grey - Umage
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Eos Evia Large Shade - Umage
RRP EUR 299.00
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Eos Shade Large Blue - Umage
RRP EUR 299.00
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Eos Shade XL Grey - Umage
RRP EUR 449.00
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Eos Shade Medium Blue - Umage
RRP EUR 139.00
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Eos Up Wall Lamp/Ceiling Lamp Large White - Umage
RRP EUR 349.00
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Eos UP Wall Lamp/Ceiling Lamp White - Umage
RRP EUR 159.00
Expected in stock: 18-03-2024
Eos Medium Shade Light Rose - Umage
RRP EUR 139.00
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Assemble the Eos lamp fit for your décor

Once you fall in love with Eos’ light and elegant expression, there is a host of options for customising it to your specific décor. Choose from various colours from neutral white, grey, or brown to the more daring red, blue, or light pink. Aside from the different colours, the lampshade is available in five sizes:

Eos Lampe Micro: Ø22 cm, H16 cm (500 feathers)
Eos Lampe Mini: Ø35 cm, H20 cm (900 feathers)
Eos Lampe Medium: Ø45 cm, H30 cm (1,800 feathers)
Eos Lampe Large: Ø65 cm, H40 cm (4,500 feathers)
Eos Lampe X-Large: Ø75 cm, H 45 cm (6,000 feathers)

Aside from the traditional round lampshade, the lamp is also available in the Eos Evia model, inspired by the beehive, and the oval model Eos Esther. No matter which Eos lampshade suits your home best, you’re guaranteed an effective glow. The feathers ensure that the light streams gently and beautifully through the lampshade and lights up its surroundings in an atmospheric glow. The decorative expression of the lamp adds an artistic touch to the room, whether the lamp is on or not.

Assemble the perfect lamp for your needs by purchasing a floor stand, table stand, or pendant mount. Umage offers a range of solutions, regardless of whether you want a standing or hanging lamp and whether you want it on its own or in a cluster. Find Umage’s stands and mounts here

Conscious Eos feather lamps

The Umage brand is dedicated to being frontrunners of responsible design. As a result, they go the extra mile for the environment and collaborate with NGOs and One Tree Planted. Every time they make a wooden lamp, a new tree is planted.,,

Read more about Umage, and find more lamps here

The brand is also passionate about animal welfare, so you don’t get a guilty conscience with every purchase of your Eos feather lamp. The lamps are made using excess goose feathers after the geese have been butchered—that is, feathers that would otherwise have been used to fill pillows or simply thrown out. Every time you buy and Eos lamp, it is fully documented that the feathers come from geese butchered in accordance with EU regulations. All feathers are boiled, dried, and processed before they become part of the lovely Eos lamps.
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