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Fabbian Illuminazione has established itself as a manufacturer of modern high-quality lighting solutions for private residences and commercial spaces. The company has received international recognition, in particular because of its ability to adapt to work with the needs of markets around the world.

Fabbian is based in north-eastern Italy, where they manufacture their lamps, making sure every last detail is under control. The company focuses on using the most advanced production methods. Once they have been scrutinised by internationally recognised architects, designers, and engineers, state of the art developments and groundbreaking designs are added to advanced computerised processes and control systems. All the newest trends and designs are interpreted and end up quality designer lighting with the unique Fabbian characteristics.
Beluga Wall Lamp on Arm - Fabbian
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Roofer Pendant Grey - Fabbian
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Beluga Wall Lamp/Ceiling Lamp - Fabbian
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Ice Cube Pendant Clear - Fabbian
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Beluga Pendant - Fabbian
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More about Fabbian Lamper

Over the years, the company’s solid production philosophy has become an integral part of Fabbian, ensuring their stable presence in Italy, Europe, Asia, the US and South America.

The lamps owe their popularity to a combination of factors, including their high quality, their use of reliable materials, their attention to detail, their easy mounting and their quality control at every stage of the production process.

It isn’t enough to just satisfy the safety requirements—the company aims to excel across the board. The UNI EN ISO 9001 certification is one of many requirements that have been satisfied. Once the products are sold, the company makes a point of offering clients “after-sales service”, which is an important part of why customers choose Fabbian. Regardless of whether customers have questions about solutions, service or spare parts, the company wants to make sure that their customers get all the answers they need.

Fabbian Ice Cube – a Fabbian icon

In Denmark, the most famous Fabbian product is the Ice Cube. This lamp is available in a range of styles and can be found in bathrooms across the country, as they offer excellent light around the mirror. Ice Cube is a well thought out lamp that suits all environments. It’s timeless as can be and it’s the kind of product that many have tried to copy over the years—but rest assured, nothing comes close to beating the original.
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