The Flowerpot collection is inspired by the Flower Power revolution of the 60s and 70s and &tradition still sells this classic lamp today. The original lamps and colours were thought up by Verner Panton and the modern twist on the collection offers new versions in copper and matte light grey. It did not take long before Flowerpot lamps began to appear in restaurants, exhibitions and homes around the world. Today the family consists of the VP1 pendant, the larger Big Flowerpot VP2 and the VP3 and VP4 table lamps. Flowerpot won the Gute Form Bundespreis in 1972.
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Verner Panton, Flowerpot, and &tradition

With its two circles placed on top of each other, Flowerpot has proven time and time again that its effortless elegance withstands the test of time. The diameter of the top sphere is exactly double of the bottom sphere, which means that the lamp is perfectly balanced.

The renowned Danish designer Verner Panton crafted one of his innumerable masterpieces back in 1968. Inspired by the flower power movement at the time, he set his mind to creating a lamp with an approachable and organic design. Needless to say, it was also of the utmost importance that the lamp was clad in clear and happy colours. The result of his efforts was the iconic Flowerpot lamp. The sketches were finished long before the lamp ever saw the light of day in connection with Panton’s total design for an interior exhibition in Cologne. It wasn’t until this exhibition that the lamp was finally brought to life – and even then, it was only manufactured in red and orange. This marked the birth of a classic and the different shapes of the design – one for table lamps, the other for pendants – are popular and in demand to this day.

Verner Panton achieved great success internationally during his lifetime, but his work didn’t quite catch on to the same extent in Denmark. His experimental designs and tendency to work with prominent colours set him apart from his contemporaries in Danish design, like Hans J. Wegner, Børge Morgensen, and Finn Juhl. Their clear preference for natural materials was considered the epitome of good design at the time, leaving little room for Panton’s colourful products made of plastic and acrylics. Panton has since received plenty of recognition both internationally and in Denmark. Nowadays he is world-famous for his designs and his lamps have taken homes all over the world by storm.

In 2003, the Danish interior design manufacturer &tradition restarted production of the Flowerpot lamps. This re-launch has allowed the lamps to make a comeback, making them more popular than ever before. The firm has even gone so far as to ensure availability in a range of colours with matte and shiny finishes.

A wealth of colours for the Flowerpot VP3 table lamp– experience the classic in matte grey

Amongst the three different editions of the Flowerpot lamps, VP3 is the most sought-after. This table lamp consists of the recognisable organic lampshade with two domes facing each other, a stand, and a semi-circular base that truly brings the design together and completes the overall expression of the lamp. One of the unique things about this lamp is that you have a selection of colours to choose from, making it possible to express your personal sense of style. The lamp is available in so many different colours and a more matte version has recently hit the market. Although Verner Panton only designed the lamp in a few different colours – in connection with the interior design for the exhibition in Cologne and as part of the lighting solution for Der Spiegel’s headquarters in Hamburg – the lamp looks phenomenal dressed in all the new and exciting shades chosen by &tradition since 2003.
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