Frandsen Wall Lamps

Frandsen has designed and manufactured lamps since 1968. This means that they have a high level of knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the production of their well-known lamps. Frandsen has a clear vision that provides the basis for their entire product range and all their customer relations: "Frandsen develop and sell design products in the field of lighting, for people who think good taste is more important than low price."
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It is therefore important for them to design lamps in beautiful materials, as well as to ensure that the products signal both quality and good taste. All the lamps will help create the frame of a home in their own way, and it is important for Frandsen that customers can add their own touch to many of the products. This can be done, for example, by selecting colors for lampshades, etc.

At Frandsen they focus on design and product development. In the old days, they would make minor changes in their assortment once a year, but these days their product range is changing continuously. Twice a year, new catalogs come up and they revise their selection of both lamps and colors, as needed.
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