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The year is 1954. Frank Sinatra’s blasting from gramophones around the world, West Germany is offered NATO membership, and Knud Friis and Elmar Moltke are founding their legendary studio FRIIS & MOLTKE. The Aarhus-based company is behind a series of public and private buildings around Denmark and abroad, including in Ankara, Turkey, and Nuuk, Greenland. Since its founding, the brand has made a significant mark on Danish and international design and architecture. FRIIS & MOLTKE is owned and managed by eight partners, and the brand designs everything from enormous public buildings to tiny, elegant lamps.
On this page, you can find Friis and Moltke lamps from the brand’s collaboration with Frandsen, including the incredible Minneapolis collection, which is home to everything from pendants and table lamps to wall lamps, not to mention the eternally elegant FM 1954 and FM 2014. Check them out below! We’re confident you’ll fall head over heels for the legendary designers’ designs.
FM 2014 Pendant H24 Matt White - Frandsen
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FM 1954 Pendant Ø41 Matt Black - Frandsen
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FM 2014 Pendant H36 Matt White - Frandsen
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Friis and Moltke Design

Respecting sustainability—both literally and figuratively—is deeply ingrained in the Aarhus-based studio. Since the company took its first steps in 1954, it has been important to FRIIS & MOLTKE to build the brand around the values of development, dialogue, and innovation. These days, the brand always works with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in mind. As far as FRIIS & MOLTKE is concerned, it’s important to think sustainability into each and every design, both physically and socially.

The Minneapolis Lamp

Minneapolis first saw the light of day in 1984. FRIIS & MOLTKE designed the lamp for the Scanticon Hotel and Conference Center in the midwestern US city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The lamp was designed to embrace the Scandinavian style and represent the Danish design tradition for the many international guests visiting the hotel and the conference centre.

The lamp’s minimalist expression creates an exciting silhouette, and the wide lampshade ensures a comfortable light, making the head of the lamp suitable for use as a wall lamp, floor lamp, table lamp, and pendant. Naturally, Friis and Moltke ended up creating a complete collection of various lamps, growing the family, which is now available in both black and white. The lamp is currently manufactured by Frandsen, so you can rest assured that each and every product is nothing but the highest quality.
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