George Nelson

Born: 1908 i Hartford Connecticut
Died: 1986 i New York City
Education: 1931 Bachelor's in Fine Arts (architecture) from Yale School of Arts
Famous works: The Bubble lamps, the Marshmallow couch, and the Coconut Chair

George Nelson was one of the most prominent figureheads of American modernism, contributing massively to the modern understanding of interior design. After completing his studies at the American Academy in Rome in 1934, he returned to North America with a metaphorical suitcase full of inspiration and ideas from European modernism. The concurrent emigration of Bauhaus architects to the United States helped propel the country to the top as far as modernism was concerned. George Nelson shared the love of clean lines, new materials, and innovative constructions of his time and contributed greatly to cementing the presence of the style in the United States by publishing articles about famous European modernists and expanding their furniture designs. In 1945, the talented editor was offered the position of Design Director at the American furniture company, Herman Miller. During his time with the company, he designed and drew up furniture, clocks, and lamps, whilst cooperating with a range of talented and accomplished designers to ensure that the company became one of the most innovative furniture manufacturers. One of the products he designed during his time with Herman Miller was the organic Bubble lamp.
Nelson Saucer Bubble Medium Pendant - Herman Miller
RRP EUR 695.00
Expected in stock: 24-05-2024
Nelson Ball Bubble Medium Pendant - Herman Miller
RRP EUR 695.00
Expected in stock: 22-04-2024
Nelson Saucer Bubble Large Pendant - Herman Miller
RRP EUR 919.00
Expected in stock: 03-05-2024
Nelson Apple Bubble Medium Pendant - Herman Miller
RRP EUR 695.00
Expected in stock: 08-05-2024
Nelson Pear Bubble Medium Pendant - Herman Miller
RRP EUR 765.00
Expected in stock: 15-04-2024
Nelson Pear Bubble Small Pendant - Herman Miller
RRP EUR 646.00
Expected in stock: 4 - 6 days
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