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Grupa is a design studio based in Croatia. A prize-winning studio that took things one step further in 2012 by shaping, manufacturing, and distributing their own products.
One thing was clear to the three owners, Filip Despot, Ivana Pavic, and Tihana Taraba: they wanted to be there from start to finish. From the moment the idea arose and was immortalised on the drawing board, right up to when the final product was delivered to their clients.
Their involvement throughout the process makes Grupa Products a brand that believes in its products.

Grupa Products makes products of high quality, characterised by an innovative approach to design. Grupa Products are known for being minimalistic, practical, and having a sort of DIY approach to design.
Baluna Table Lamp - Grupa Products
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Arigato from Grupa Products

Grupa Products are especially known for the Arigato lamp collection, popular for private homes as well as hotels, bars, and restaurants.

Arigato has been a success since day one, and since then, more variations of the popular lamp have been added to the collection.

View the entire Arigato collection here.

Grupa Products are distributed by Lampefeber, a Danish company that has been specialising in the B2B sale of designer lamps since 1990. At Lampefeber, you’ll find a vast collection of domestic and foreign brands, and Grupa Products is no exception.
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