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The doctor is in the building and she knows exactly what’s wrong with your home. Lamps from this Danish design firm are here to give you the chance to put together unique and playful décor that reflects your personality. Regardless of whether it’s your walls, ceilings, desks, or kitchen walls that need a bit of a change, you can rest assured that House Doctor has what it’ll take to transform your home into a luxurious and modern place. Beautiful and different designer lamps at affordable prices.

How about a Molecular lamp with wide arms to create the perfect lighting conditions in your hallway? Or a DIY pendant for your living room, so you can put a unique spin on your own lamp? Or perhaps a string of lights for your child’s room to make it a bit cosier and more modern. The possibilities are endless and regardless of whether you’re a simple, kooky, or classic kind of person, we guarantee House Doctor has something for you!

House Doctor has what it takes to take your interior design to the next level. The brand is built on informality, personality, and provocativeness. All lamps are designed by innovative Danish designers, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands as far as design goes. The three founders of the company believe that the products build habits and that’s why you need to call the doctor—the House Doctor.

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Petit Table Lamp Amber - House Doctor
RRP EUR 139.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Tacker Table Lamp Gunmetal - House Doctor
RRP EUR 269.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Ribe Table Lamp Amber - House Doctor
RRP EUR 215.00
Back in stock on: 29-09-2022
Ribe Table Lamp Green - House Doctor
RRP EUR 215.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Hover Pendant Amber - House Doctor
RRP EUR 108.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Note Table Lamp Grey - House Doctor
RRP EUR 269.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Daia Table Lamp Grey - House Doctor
RRP EUR 121.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
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More about House Doctor

The creators of House Doctor are a group of siblings: Rikke Juhl Jensen, Gitte Juhl Capel, and Klaus Juhl Pedersen. The siblings had been working as art dealers for years, but eventually agreed that the world of Danish design was lacking a certain je ne sais quoi. They established House Doctor in 2001.

House Doctor is located in Ikast on the Danish mainland and within a few years, the company has grown to more than 100 employees and risen to the top of Danish design.

Aside from lamps, the brand offers other pieces of interior design, such as furniture, carpets, knickknacks, kitchen equipment, and outdoor products. Everything is designed in the spirit of playfulness and uniqueness.

Given that the company’s base is in Denmark, the natural choice for materials is wood, copper, metal, and rocks, all of which are natural elements of Nordic nature.

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