Ingo Maurer

Born: 1932
Dead: 2019
Best known work: The Knot series, Johnny B. Butterfly, The Birdie series, BiBiBiBi, The Campari series, The Zettel series, The Lucelino series, the famous Canned Light Pendant and many more.
Training: Graphic Designer

The son of a fisherman, Ingo Maurer, grew up at the Island of Reichenau at Lake Boden in Germany, along with his four siblings. In stead of following in his father’s footsteps, he studies graphic design in Munich and after graduation, he lived 3 years in New York and San Francisco, before moving back to Germany in 1963.

He started his own company “M” and began designing and producing lamps. Later on, he changed the company name to “Ingo Maurer GmbH, as we know it today. One of Ingo Maurer’s first lamps “Bulb” is today exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Ingo Maurer designs creative, gorgeous lamps that look nothing like the rest of the lamps out there! Birds, hats, cans, a piece of linen – nothing is too weird and different for Ingo Maurer!
Flying Flames Canopy Board 114x40 - Ingo Maurer
RRP EUR 882.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Campari Bar Table Lamp - Ingo Maurer
RRP EUR 1,071.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
BiBiBiBi Table Lamp - Ingo Maurer
RRP EUR 1,145.00
In stock now
Birdie's Nest LED Ceiling Lamp - Ingo Maurer
RRP EUR 2,080.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
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