Italian lamps

One thing that characterises lamps from Italy is the fact that they’ve been designed and crafted down to the smallest detail – from the cable to the socket to the form of the lamp itself. And all of the careful design serves the single purpose of providing amazing light. Italian lamps have so much to offer in the form of shape, quality and design at the highest level.Italian lamps can make every home more distinctive and special. It’s clear to see that each and every detail is carefully considered – nothing is left to chance. Italian lamps exude exclusivity, inventiveness and high quality. Some Italian lamps can be minimalist and chic, while others can be lavish, luxurious and provocative.
Birdie Piccola Table Lamp - Foscarini
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Teti Ceiling Lamp/Wall Lamp Orange - Artemide
RRP EUR 70.00
Expected in: 21 - 24 days
Rosy Angelis Floor Lamp - Flos
RRP EUR 713.00
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Crown Major Pendant Polished - Nemo Lighting
RRP EUR 3,175.00
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Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp Parchment - Artemide
RRP EUR 1,002.00
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Arco Floor Lamp - Flos
RRP EUR 2,853.00
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Illan Pendant Ø80 - Luceplan
RRP EUR 1,337.00
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Illan Pendant Ø60 - Luceplan
RRP EUR 1,049.00
Back in stock on: 09-06-2023
Ariette Wall Lamp - Flos
RRP EUR 377.00
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Gun Table Table Lamp Gold - Flos
RRP EUR 3,190.00
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Frisbi Pendant - Flos
RRP EUR 552.00
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Gun Bedside Table Lamp Gold - Flos
RRP EUR 2,059.00
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Grande Costanza Outdoor Lamp - Luceplan
RRP EUR 1,768.00
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265 Wall Lamp Black - Flos
RRP EUR 1,211.00
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265 Wall Lamp Small Black - Flos
RRP EUR 969.00
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Linea LED Lampe Red - Seletti
RRP EUR 101.00
Back in stock on: 08-06-2023
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Which Italian pendant should I choose?

It’s ultimately down to your own personal taste when it comes to choosing an Italian pendant lamp. Here at Lampmesteren we have lots of beautiful pendants to choose from, created by many different Italian brands like Kartell, Foscarini, Luceplan and many more. Pendants from Italy have a special something that sets them apart, a unique charm and confidence that truly shines through. Italian pendants – Italian lamps in general – have a very strong position in the market because of their distinctive and timeless design. In our selection of Italian pendants you’ll find wild flashes of colour, cool and clean minimalism, lavish luxury and understated chic, even pendants that might as well be chandeliers – something for everyone.

More about Italian designer lamps

Italian design has always been popular in European homes, especially with more style-conscious consumers. At the moment Italian lamps are particularly trendy – both because of their exclusive design and the top-class quality. We’ve experienced that younger customers, looking for both high quality and bold design, tend to be big fans of Italian lighting.

These amazing lamps from Italy are very prestigious, exclusive and elegant, designed and refined down to the smallest detail. Italy is one of the global centres of lamp design, constantly in development both in terms of design and of technology. Italian lamps are like the cool, mischievous and slightly dangerous guy at school – intriguing and well worth a second look. Italian lamps actually work very well in Scandinavian-style interiors because of their attention to detail and clear design language.
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