Konsthantverk Lamps

In the small Swedish town of Tyringe in Småland, there’s a little personal design firm. Konsthantverk is a local and thoroughly Swedish company that’s been manufacturing lamps in a little factory for almost 100 years. And when we say manufactured—we mean manufactured! The company doesn’t just assemble lamps. It welds, drills, screws, shapes them, and all sorts of other things. Konsthantverk even has a glassblowing workshop where the glass lamps are created. The lamps are made by human hands rather than machines, and they are the epitome of good craftsmanship.

The result is these amazing lamps with unique artisanry that doesn’t break the bank. Konsthantverk isn’t trying to take over the world one lamp at a time; it settles for being a local company that continues to rely on personality and human workmanship. Everything that leaves the factory is full of heart and soul.

Konsthantverk’s style is industrial and raw, and if you like unique décor with personality and a wow factor, a lamp from Konsthantverk is a sure bet for your next lamp.

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