In the small Swedish city of Tyringe in Småland, you’ll find a small and personal design company.

Konsthantverk is a local and thoroughly Swedish company that has been producing lamps in their small factory for almost 100 years. And when we say produced, we mean produced! The lamps haven’t just been assembled there – they’ve actually been welded, drilled, screwed, shaped and everything else right there. Konsthantverk even has its own glass blower, who makes their glass shades. Human hands make Konsthantverk’s lamps, not machines – that’s true craftsmanship.

The result of all this? Amazing lamps at a surprisingly affordable price. Konsthantverk is not trying to conquer the lamp world – they’re content to be a small local company where there is still personality, where human hands are involved in the production process and where the products that leave the factory have soul.

Their artisan style is industrial and raw, so if you're into interiors with personality and wow-factor, a lamp from Konsthantverk is the right choice for you.

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