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La Lampe Gras - an icon for the 20th century.

Back in 1922, Bernard-Albin Gras designed a number of lamps that were intended for use in offices and industry. The GRAS lamp, which it was later called, was completely unique with its simple and robust, yet ergonomic design. The basic shape is put together with neither screws, nor welded joints. Today, the La Lampe GRAS lamp has become a sought-after collectible all over the world, especially in France, the United States and Japan. Bernard-Albin Gras’ talented and visionary design has proven to be timeless.

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Lamps from Lampe Gras

Bernard-Albin Gras was one of the most innovative designers of the 20th century, and also left an important imprint that we can enjoy today. The functional and aesthetic aspects are the clear fundamentals for his lamps, and especially the design of the individual details such as the arms, bodies, fittings, joints and feet were amazingly unique, thoughtful and far ahead of their time. Le Corbusier was early on in the process greatly inspired by the modern design and extensive user-friendliness of the lamps, and became one of Bernard-Albin Gras most enthusiastic followers. The lamps could be found at Le Corbusier's own office, but they were also used in a large number of his projects all over the world.

Many others, such as Robert Mallet-Steven, Jacques Emile Ruhlmann and Eileen Gray hopped on the bandwagon. Famous artists, such as Sonia Delaunay and Georges Braque used the La Lampe GRAS lamps in their studio. This is likely to be the first time that a lamp ended up being so popular both in the professional environment as in private homes.

DCW - La Lampe Gras - Bernard Schottlander

Philippe Cazer and Frédéric Winkler’s own words and thoughts behind DCW...

"DCW was created from our passion for objects... Objects that accompany us and follow us in the everyday life. Objects that are reliable, honest and thought-through, together with the essential touch of perfect design.
Objects that are perfect in their kind and type, but also exude a beauty and architectural generosity. There must be a desire and urge to treat the object with respect, and the goal is to create a bond over time. A connection to it... A way of living and a way to see. "

DCW products include the Mantis series from Bernard Schottlander and the exciting La Lampe GRAS.

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