LED Candles

These days, battery-powered candles are so life-like, it can be hard to tell them apart from the real thing. Our range of LED candles includes some amazing alternatives to the classic candle that do not compromise on appearance or the cosy atmosphere. With LED lights, you no longer need to worry about safety as the lamp doesn’t get too hot and therefore can’t set flammable materials on fire. At the same time, children and animals can’t burn themselves on the light—worst-case scenario, the light runs out of battery.

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LED Candles

For various reasons, LED candles have become popular in recent years. First of all, the artificial lights create just as cosy an atmosphere as traditional candles without the added problems presented by live candles. Soot particles, for example, have been heavily criticised because they’re just as harmful to your health as diesel particles from big machinery. It’s not a bad idea to swap the harmful, flammable candles for safe LED candles, which can actually be hard to tell apart from ‘real’ candles. On top of that, you never need to worry about putting out the candles before you fall asleep or leave your house as the artificial LED candles don’t pose a genuine fire risk.

Do you want to avoid your little lanterns overheating? Then consider using an LED Candle with a flickering flame. The most common kind of candle is the tealight, but if you want a durable alternative that’s better for the environment and your wallet, an LED Tealight is a great alternative. If you’re more of a tapered light kind of person, then you’re bound to love the LED Tapered Light, which fits seamlessly into your favourite candleholder. Many of the lights can be controlled using a smart Remote, allowing you to turn one or more of your Uyuni lights on or off, dim them across three brightness levels, and set a timer for 4, 6, 8, or 10 hours, after which they turn off automatically. Artificial candles are a great way to enjoy a soft, comfortable, and cosy glow for hours without needing to worry about the fire hazard.

Advantages of LED candles with moving flames, remotes, or timers

If you want a light that looks like the real thing without being bad for the indoor climate or your finances, then consider using an LED candle with a beautiful moving flame. It gives you the same constant, aesthetic light as a live candle without all the classic concerns that come with the real thing. You can lie down on the bed or the couch until you fall asleep, enjoying the sight of the lovely light that comes into its own when darkness falls, and at no point do you need to worry about a potential fire hazard.

These days, you can even get an LED candle with a timer, so you just need to set the timer and let the light turn off automatically after a set amount of time, so you don’t need to worry about using up the batteries when you’re out of the house. There are many advantages to using remote-controlled LED candles, including the option to change the brightness as you see fit, so you always have the perfect atmosphere. You don’t even need to light or put out the individual candles, risking ruining the design expression or a decorative part of your décor. With a battery-powered candle, you can change your short-lived candles for a durable solution that’ll light up your home for years to come.

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