LED Spots

Spotlights are a beautiful and practical lighting solution for many different areas in the home. They can be mounted on a wide range of surfaces – walls, ceilings, even floors.

There are two main types of spotlights – surface-mounted and recessed. As their names suggest, surface-mounted spots are installed on a surface where recessed spots are installed into a surface. Surface-mounted spots provide illumination and at the same time function as visual objects. Recessed spots are more discreet, lighting a space or object without drawing attention to themselves.

LED light sources use very little energy and consequently produce very little heat.  This makes them an ideal choice for recessed spots in particular, since they’re generally installed in enclosed spaces and are often left on for long periods.

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Spots for mounting

As opposed to recessed spots, it’s easy to install surface-mounted spots. All you have to do is mount them directly on the surface in question, regardless of whether that’s the ceiling or the wall. The spots are available in a variety of sizes, designs and colours. The spots are available as individual spots, as a group of spots mounted on a rail or as a complete ceiling lamp.

The main advantage of this type of light is that it is simple and easy to mount. There’s no need to drill holes into the mounting surface and you don’t need to make any insulation-related considerations. On top of that, you can mount the lamp all by yourself. Although the mounting process is easier, the light produced by these spots is just as focused and concentrated as that produced by embedded spots. The light experience is the same in spite of the fact that the design is different.
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