Lighting track

Find power rails for mounting on the ceiling here. Place the rail wherever you need a light that can be moved quickly and easily as needed. Place the pendant above the dining table on a rail, so you can easily adjust the position of the lamp when you extend the table. A power rail fitted with spots is a great solution for lighting up photos and art—the Antidark Designline Tube Kit with three or four spots included is worth considering. The Antidark Designline collection is great for pendants and spots and comes in black and white.
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Power rail for lamps

A power rail is a good, flexible solution for your pendants and spots as you can place it in various formations and positions to suit your needs and mood. A light rail is a great idea above dining tables as it creates a wider light, illuminating the table whether it’s on a normal layout or extended to fit even more guests. Check out this three-metre light rail, which gives you lots of space to spread out your light sources for a good, even glow, so everyone can see each other and their food, or consider this light rail for the ceiling by your closet. A light rail means that you don’t have to settle on a single placement for your pendants and spots, as you can change their position as you go, switching the direction of the light to suit your needs.
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