Louis Poulsen Pendants

Pendants from Louis Poulsen – always up to date, never out of fashion.

Some of Louis Poulsen’s most popular pendants like PH, AJ, Campbell, Toldbod, Doo-Wop, Enigma, LC, Moser, Satellit and PH Koglen are in stock here at Lampemesteren.com.

A Louis Poulsen pendant is always delivered with bulbs included. Free delivery within the EU on orders of €99 or more!

If your treasured Louis Poulsen has been damaged, we carry a full range of replacement parts – you can find them under spare parts.
Toldbod 120 Pendant Black - Louis Poulsen
Before EUR 236.00
Available in: 3 - 5 days
Patera 450 - Louis Poulsen
Available in: 3 - 5 days