The Lumiere series from Foscarini – classic, beautiful and elegant!

Foscarini first saw the light of day in Venice in 1981 and after several small design projects finally hit it big in 1990. That success was based on their collaboration with designer Rodolfo Dordoni, creator of the Lumiere lamp!

The first member of the Lumiere family was the 05 table lamp, which with its classic look and elegant glass shade quickly became popular. 05 is available in four sizes - Grande and Piccola (large and small) as well as the more recent introductions XXL and XXS.

You’ll find our selection of Lumiere lamps from Foscarini below.
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More about Lumiere

Foscarini was launched in 1981 in Venice. They started by exploring new and exciting materials such as highly sought-after Murano glass.

The company works with both established designers who created new trends and with younger newcomers who work with alternative styles and methods. That leads to a very original product range and makes Foscarini one of the most varied producers of illumination.

Forscarini creates light-sculptures which give us a feeling of being caressed, of poetic embrace and of sensual and seductive hidden light. Their products are characterized by a high degree of creativity and the alternative and innovative choice of material, colour and structure.

Foscarini collaborates with several acclaimed designers – the foundation of their considerable success. Rodolfo Dordoni, who has also designed for Flos, is one of the names on their design roster and the man behind the Lumiere lamps.

Lumiere was created in 1981 and is a stunningly beautiful and elegant lamp that now can be found in many homes around the world. If you’re looking for some Italian chic, Lumiere is the lamp to bring your home to the next level!
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