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Made By Hand is a Danish design firm with a creative studio in Copenhagen. They are inspired by the authentic – authentic people, authentic materials, and the authentic every day. With a love of natural materials, good craftsmanship, and durable quality, they create timeless designs characterised by their beauty and personality.

After a year’s worth of preparations, Made By Hand launched the classic Workshop Lamp in 2014. The iconic workshop pendant was originally designed by A. Wedel-Madsen back in 1951. After much consideration regarding techniques and quality, the workshop lamp remained – and that became the beginning for Made By Hand. All their products are made by local artisans in an effort to celebrate cultural experience and expertise when it comes to handmade design.

We have since gone on to see more popular lamps from Made By Hand. Examples include the Knit Wit collection and Petite Machine collections, which offer the same, high artisan quality – both with their unique Scandinavian expressions.
Ro Table - Made By Hand
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