Mantis Lamps

Bernard Schottlander wasn’t just a talented design. He was also a talented engineer and an exceptional artisan. On top of creating a lamp with a head that can twist like a mantis, he has created a lamp that leans forwards elegancy and keeps its balance through a range of counterweights.

Since the original Mantis lamp was designed in 1951, DCW Editions has added a series of products to the collection, and the original Mantis expression is now available in various shapes and sizes.

Mantis lamps inspired by nature

The mantis might be a symbol of silence, meditation, and prayer, but the special insect is a finetuned hunter that can twist its head 180 degrees to locate its prey and take down small birds and snakes. Not only that, but it was the inspiration for Schottlander’s 1951 stroke of genius, i.e., the Mantis lamp.

In some African cultures, mantises are said to bring luck, and the ancient Greeks believed that mantises helped travellers find their way home. In some ancient South American cultures, it was a symbol of female authority.

The Devil’s horse, as the mantis is known in the Ozark Mountains, has a unique expression that has made its mark over the years—and with its forward-leaning expression and slim body, the Mantis lamp from DCW Editions and Bernard Schottlander is directly inspired by this lovely insect.

These days, there are various Mantis models, and the lamp comes as a table lamp, wall lamp, and floor lamp. One of the latest additions to the collection is the new BS8L, which builds on the original expression of the Mantis model, adding an improved, finetuned touch. The lamp has a wonderful silhouette with a slim body and round wheel that replaces the classic counterweight.

All the Mantis lamps are adjustable, and the big organic lampshade makes it easy to direct the light wherever you need it.

You can also see more about Mantis on the website here
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