Marc Sadler

Born: 1946
Best known work: Tite Pendant, Mite Floor lamp, Giga Lite lamp, Mega Kite lamps, Twiggy lamps, Tress lamps, Jamaica Pendant
Education: Designer from E.N.S.A.D in Paris                  

Marc Sadler was born in Austria in 1946 but is a French citizen.
Currently living in Milan, where he works as a consultant for companies selling furniture, sports equipment and lightning. In all aspects of his career, the work with plastic is very important.

He graduated from École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs -  The school for art and design in Paris in 1968. In the start 70’s he developed the first skiing boot in thermos plastic, which was produced by the company Lotto. This project gave him many projects with sport companies all over the world.

In the late 90’s Marc Sadler started to design lamps, and the collaboration with Foscarini began. The most famous lamp is the beautiful Twiggy-lamp, which was designed in 2006.
Tyla Floor Lamp Red - KDLN
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Tite Pendant Striped - Forcarini
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Twiggy Pendant White - Foscarini
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Twiggy Pendant Black - Foscarini
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