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Lampemesteren is home to various stunning metal lamps, some with colourful coatings and some without, each with a unique expression ranging from rustic to modern, raw, industrial, stylish, retro, minimalist, elegant, and so on. You can get a metal pendant, table lamp, or ceiling lamp, all made from the durable material guaranteed to last for years to come. Whether you lean towards minimalist, modern, industrial, or retro-inspired décor, you’re guaranteed to find a lamp that responds perfectly to your interior design and lighting needs. Find the lamp of your dreams below in the value for money range of metal lamps.
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Metal lamp

Some metal lamps have an unmistakeably industrial look and charm that fits seamlessly into industrial, vintage-inspired, and even modern styles of décor that want to combine a rustic design element with a light source. This style is popular at the moment as the unconventional and raw touch provided by metal lamps is guaranteed to impress. If, on the other hand, you have minimalist, design conscious, and colourful décor, a raw metal lamp can be a great way to add an interesting and unconventional contrast to the rest of the home, thanks to the cool metal that commands attention. Industrial lamps often provide a cosy warm white light, making them more popular for creating a relaxed atmosphere at home than for lighting up factories. Meanwhile, industrial metal lamps also serve as lovely rustic statement pieces that contribute an aesthetic, cool, and sculptural touch to your décor.

Of course, you can also get a metal lamp with a colourful coating that creates a warm, cosy, lively, and dynamic expression. Whereas a pastel shade contributes a calm and soft expression that fits seamlessly into the rest of your décor, a brighter colour adds a unique touch as it is more eye-catching and commands attention, making it a great fit if you want to add a decorative element to the room. Other metal lamps are neither coated nor have a raw industrial look—instead, they have a brushed, glossy, or matte surface that gives the lamp an exclusive and modern look that fits seamlessly into most styles of décor.

No matter which type of metal lamp you’re looking for, our value for money range is home to various metal lamps, such as wall lamps with and without sensors, outdoor garden lamps with and without sensors, floor lamps, pendants, table lamps, solar cell lamps, and recessed spots for indoor and outdoor use. In other words, we’re confident that we have the perfect lamp for you! If you want to browse even more metal lamps, you can find the rest of our collection here
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