Michael Anastassiades

Born: 1967 on Cyprus
Famous works: Beosound Edge speaker from B&O, Tube Chandelier, the IC Light, and String Light collections, and the Arrangement pendants from Italian Flos.
Education: Civil Engineer from Imperial College of Science Technology & Medicine in London, followed by a masters in industrial design from the Royal College of Art.

As a child, Michael was already fascinated by the amazing lighting solutions from Flos. He grew up in a small town on Cyprus that was home to a lamp shop. He often went there to admire the many lighting solutions from the Italian brand.

The lovely and bold lamps are often inspired by everyday moments—from a juggler perfectly balancing their balls to the way electrical wires connect electrical pylons in the landscape. Elegant lamps that both create a comfortable light and have a sculptural expression, whether on or off. At first glance, his designs are incredibly minimalistic, but they are often surprisingly detailed, featuring blown glass, tailored metals, and elegant lighting effects.
Coordinates F Floor Lamp - Flos
RRP EUR 1,723.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Coordinates S3 Pendant - Flos
RRP EUR 3,345.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Arrangements Round Large Pendant - Flos
RRP EUR 1,225.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
IC S1 Pendant Burgundy - Flos
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Overlap S1 Pendant - Flos
RRP EUR 2,342.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Coordinates W2 Wall Lamp Moon Grey - Flos
RRP EUR 1,144.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Arrangements Drop Up Pendant - Flos
RRP EUR 929.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Glo-Ball Basic
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Coordinates S3 Pendant Moon Grey - Flos
RRP EUR 3,345.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Coordinates S1 Pendant Moon Grey - Flos
RRP EUR 2,005.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Overlap S2 Pendant - Flos
RRP EUR 3,331.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Captain Flint Floor Lamp Black - Flos
RRP EUR 1,750.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
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Michael Anastassiades and Flos

His career in lighting started with a dilemma. He had just moved into his first home in London, but he couldn’t find the light he wanted. So, he decided to design lamps for his home. His collaboration with Flos began in 2011 when the managing director at the time, Piero Gandini, was on a trip to New York. He suddenly spotted an exciting object—a lamp that didn’t look like your usual lamp. He got the contact details for the designer who turned out to be Michael Anastassiades. Their first meeting was a 20-minute taxi ride, but that was all it took for them to embark on a partnership.

Despite an early wish to be “a creative”, his parents had other plans for his education. He was to do a degree that would guarantee a job in finance or marketing. His parents felt that degrees in creative and artistic subjects always led to failed careers, never to success. Michael had to study something practical so that he would always have something to fall back on,
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