Monkey, Mouse & Bird

A monkey, a mouse, and a bird. Seletti is famous for its quirky, cheeky design and ability to create the unexpected through humour, giving edge and character to any home. The Italian brand’s enormous portfolio is home to everything from photorealistic heart vases, sardine-tin-shaped table lamps, and gilded astronauts.

Monkey, Mouse & Bird is a collection of animal friends with electrical bulbs, originally designed by Mercantonio. The small monochrome animals stand by with lights in their hands and beaks, all to help you light up your day while brightening up your home with authentic Seletti humour.
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Seletti Monkey Lamp

The most popular of the three animals is the monkey. With its realistic size, it hangs from the ceiling, wall, or stands on the table, holding a light bulb with a friendly expression on its face. The lovely monkey comes in various models, bringing to mind childish, curious, and playful behaviour. The monkey also comes in a chandelier model, where it hangs from a classic chandelier and unscrews the bulbs with two of its friends.

The crow is the next animal friend on the list, and just like the monkey, it inspires curiosity and playfulness. Aside from their incredible intelligence, crows are known for their curiosity—and when they’re not busy baffling science with their problem-solving skills, they love to fly around in search of shiny coins, screws, and keys. The crow comes as a table model and as a wall lamp, where it hangs from a branch.

Last, but not least, there’s the mouse. Just like the monkey, it holds the lamp in its hand. The cute mouse looks up at you with big puppy eyes as it proudly shows off the bulb. The mouse is great for your home office desk, where it contributes a quaint and cosy touch. But remember—if you have a cat, the photorealistic mouse could end up becoming either very popular or very unpopular.
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