Mr Maria Lamps

Mr Maria is a Dutch design company based in Amsterdam.

The company is run by Jannis Hak and Lennart Bosker, who have created the amazing children’s lamps Miffy, Brown, Petit Prince, Anana, Nanuk, Kokeshi and Smiley.

These artistic and playful lamps are perfect both in terms of practicality and aesthetic.

Mr Maria’s philosophy is to create innocent and charming products suited for all interior design setups for children of all ages. The goal of the company is to create eye-catching lamps.
Snuffy First Light - Mr. Maria
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Boris First Light - Mr. Maria
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Lion First Light - Mr. Maria
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Replacement Kit EU - Mr. Maria
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Boris Bundle Of Light - Mr. Maria
Expected in stock: 27-03-2024
Lion Star Light Childrens Lamp - Mr. Maria
RRP EUR 129.00
Expected in stock: 10 - 14 days
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More about Mr Maria lamps

The name and logo of the company make it clear that this is a brand with a playful and artistic personality that mixes modern simplicity with classical values. The two gentlemen behind the concept have poured everything into Mr Maria and their efforts have resulted in a product collection based on the power of innocence.

The Mr Maria lamps are high-quality and manufactured using sustainable materials. The product collection opens the door to more wonderful moments for you and your family, but the lamps are not only designed for children but also adults who are young at heart. All Mr Maria lamps come with the story of how they were created.

Miffy was inspired by a character from a Dutch children’s book that Mr Maria found a way to make into a lamp. The lamp takes the shape of a cute rabbit that helps brighten up your home. You can use it as a lamp on your child’s—or your own—bedside table. The lamp emits a soft and warm glow that is perfectly suited for your nightly bedtime story. The lamp is also the perfect fit for those of you who want a unique piece of design in your modern home.

-Miffy is available in a small and a large size and is equipped with a dimmable LED light.

-Nanuk is a magical polar bear created to remind the world of the beauty and purity of the bear’s snow-covered homeland. Nanuk is a white lamp that emits a soft, warm glow and has a dimmable LED module.

-Kokeshi sends out positive vibrations through its bright light. The Kokeshi lamp is intended to bring happiness into the world through its friendly appearance. She brings luck and happiness wherever she goes—and her smile can brighten up any room. The Kokeshi lamp is a cute little masterpiece that lights up the room without blinding you. It is fitted with a dimmable LED module and has a height of 63 cm.
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