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The name ‘Muuto’ comes from the Finnish word ‘muutos’, which means ‘new perspective’, thus summing up Muuto’s mission: to provide a new perspective on Scandinavian design. The lamps in the Muuto collection are designed with beautiful colours and alternative materials, which makes for provocative and unique masterpieces. Cosy, Armbit, E27, Wood, Leaf, Fluid, Pull and more are available below. We stock the entire Muuto lamp collection and—as per usual—we offer free bulbs for your brand-new Muuto lamp!

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Want to know more about Muuto lamps?

Muuto works with new perspectives in order to create unique products and it is this approach that has helped the company rise to prominence as a representative of Scandinavian design. This is a brand that keeps its DNA at the forefront of its mind at all times. The different lighting solutions available are characterised by their soft and elegant shapes that are always accompanied by a raw edge that makes them unique and irresistible. Muuto lamps are easy to recognise by their cleanness and precision, owing to the philosophy of the company.

The company’s collection of lamps offers large and small pendants, table lamps, standing lamps and mounted lamps. Each lamp offers a unique expression that works well in any and all homes. The collections are available in eye-catching colours, as well as modern matte tones, so there’s something for everyone. One of the most popular Muuto collections is the E27 pendulum.

Interested in the E27 lamp from Muuto?

The E27 pendulum lamp is a design icon with a simple style. The lamp is designed in an industrial style made unique by its simplicity. E27 can be used on its own, in a row or as a cluster to create a beautiful Scandinavian chandelier. This design icon is available in a range of colours, including matte, neutral and bright colours, which makes it easy to incorporate the lamp in the hallway, living room, kitchen or office, as you see fit. In terms of materials, the lamp is manufactured using silicone rubber and an LED bulb.

The E27 lamp is far from the only product Muuto has to offer. The company also has an exquisite collection of table lamps, one of which was designed by TAF Architects and goes by the name Wood. The Wood lamp is the epitome of simplicity and offers a new interpretation of the traditional architect lamp. The lamp was designed using high-quality materials and gorgeous pine, which means that it is perfectly suited for your office, living room and bedroom, as you see fit. The Wood lamp has an honest and iconic expression and the cable is available in white, orange and dusty green.

Another table lamp in the Muuto collection worth noting is Control. The Control lamp is a redesigned version of the E27 pendulum, where the bulb is still the point of focus. The simple design of the table lamp encourages the consumer to adjust the brightness of the lamp as they see fit. Control uses cast aluminium, which completes the simple, Scandinavian look.

If you’re on the lookout for something simple and Scandinavian, Muuto is bound to have a lamp in its collection that will pique your interest.
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