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The three musketeers—Fabian Maier, Johannes Marmon, and Johannes Müller—have teamed up to maximise their potential to share their passion for craftsmanship with the world. This partnership is the foundation of Nyta.
Tilt Pendant Grey/Black - Nyta
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Tilt Wall Lamp Brass - Nyta
RRP EUR 814.00
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Tilt S Pendant Brass - Nyta
RRP EUR 656.00
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Information about Nyta lamps

Nyta invests a great amount of energy in designing impeccable lighting solutions. One of the company’s priorities is keeping the original idea in focus every step of the way. In order to ensure the survival of the original idea, everyone is involved in the design and manufacturing processes, making it possible to consider all aesthetic and technical details along the way.

The materials, surfaces, and product details are defined as exactly as possible, which makes it possible to focus properly on areas like handling and daily use. The focus is on the design and challenges posed to the product by daily use, but everything else is taken into consideration as well.

The goal has been accomplished if the original idea is still represented in the final prototype, even after having gone through this entire process. It’s important to design and manufacture lights, lamps, and light sources that literally are easy on the eyes and have aesthetic value without standing out too much from the natural surroundings.

In short, Nyta is all about transferring the joy of the design process to the end users.
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