Øivind Slaatto

Born: In Germany in 1978
Famous works: The Swirl lamp collection for LE KLINT, Patera pendant for Louis Poulsen, and BeoPlay speaker for Bang & Olufsen
Education: Øivind graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and studied music at the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music.

Øivind Slaatto was born in Germany but grew up on Funen. These days, he lives in Copenhagen where he’s founded the SLAATTO DESIGN studio. Øivind Slaatto has won various awards for his designs, including the popular A9 BeoPlay speaker for Bang & Olufsen, the Patera pendants for Louis Poulsen, and the Swirl collection for Le Klint.
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Øivind Slaatto and design

When Øivind started studying at the conservatory, there was no doubt in his mind that he was going to be a musician, just like his mother and father. But during his studies, he came to terms with the fact that he was spending more time on designs than scores. So, he embarked on a new path, and in 2008, he had a degree in industrial design from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

He draws on nature for inspiration and is particularly fascinated by the Fibonacci sequence that we know from seed formations like those in sunflowers, dandelions, and pine cones. The sequence forms the basis of the golden ratio that has become key in connection with artistic works, including Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings. The pattern is clearly reflected in the design for the Patera pendant for Louis Poulsen and the Swirl collection for Le Klint.

In Øivind’s opinion, light, shape, and functionality have to work together in order to create a lovely light experience capable of improving our lives. A good example is the stellar combination of high-tech solutions and exquisite design pinned down in the Shade Pendant ØS1. His lamp designs are simple and honest yet create a lovely and poetic expression. He manages to create lamps that not only provide light but also create atmosphere and set the perfect mood.
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