Pantop is a lovely classic, designed by Verner Panton in 1980. The distinct lampshade was clearly inspired by the shape of a traditional bell. Not only does the shape create a decorative and elegant look, it also creates the perfect downlight distribution. Choose from pendants and table lamps in a wide range of modern colours, from the lively colours that pop to more natural shades.
Pantop Portable Table Lamp Grey Sand - Verpan
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Expected in stock: 05-03-2024
Pantop Table Lamp Ø23 Dark Green - Verpan
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Pantop Portable Table Lamp Warm Yellow - Verpan
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Expected in stock: 3 - 5 days
Pantop Portable Table Lamp Light Blue - Verpan
RRP EUR 156.00
Expected in stock: 3 - 5 days
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No matter if you choose the Pantop pendant or table lamp, you’re in for a timeless design that fits into all styles of décor. Place the pendant above your dining table, kitchen table, or desk, and allow the downlight to illuminate your workspace. You can also place the table lamp in the living room or on your nightstand to bring a cosy glow into your décor. Thanks to the construction of the lampshade, the light source is hidden at the base of the lamp, ensuring that it doesn’t blind. Meanwhile, the arches reflect the light, creating a comfortable and effective glow.

The influential designer Verner Panton is famous for his organic shapes, fluid contours, and colourful personality. The wide range of colours available in the Pantop collection are true to the designer’s spirit. Each colour in the collection has been carefully selected with the intention to create a modern palette—from lively colours that pop to more natural shades.

Verner Panton at Verpan

Over the years, Verner Panton worked with various renowned Danish designers, but there was one area in which his designs truly stood out: the materials. While his colleagues worked with wood and leather, Panton was busy experimenting with plastic in all sorts of organic shapes. He developed the first blow-up chair and other “complete environments” containing floors, walls, and ceilings, all inspired by artistic shapes in different versions of the same colour.

As the retro style made its comeback in the 1990s, Verner Panton’s designs came back in style—and not just at flea markets. His famous Flowerpot lamp, which is now manufactured by &tradition, can be found in homes all over the world. In response to the increase in demand and a deep-rooted love for Verner Panton’s designs, Verpan relaunched the first Verner Panton lamp in 2003—the Pantop lamp. In close collaboration with Verner Panton’s widow, Marianne Panton, Verpan have taken over the manufacturing and commercial rights for a sizeable portion of Verner Panton’s designs.
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