Pendant Suspension

A pendant suspension (lamp suspension) is often a plug with a cable that can be used to mount a pendant on the ceiling. But in recent years, the naked light bulb has grown in popularity, making it necessary to upgrade the suspension with a new and trendy look. The simple solution: a cable with a plug has a simple and honest expression that fits into all styles of interior design. Pair it with a bulb to suit your colour, style, and lighting needs, whether you use it on its own or in a decorative cluster.
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When it comes to putting up your new lamps, you have a range of options, all of which depend on your specific needs. If you want to mount your pendants further from the socket, you can use a hook to expand your placement options by increasing the range. With a lamp hook, you can decide how high or low you want the lamp to be. You can also use a swan neck, which is easy to mount on the ceiling, after which it guides the cable away from the lamp to exactly where you need it. You can complete your pendants with a black or brass swan neck, as this feature adds an exciting visual touch—and what’s more, you can use it wherever you need it and wherever it looks best. Create your own unique and decorative swan neck lamp.

A swan neck mount can be considered a practical and aesthetic mount that incorporates the cable into the design and adds a decorative touch to your interior design. It’s also a very discreet mount that doesn’t take up much space compared to the lamps but still adds an elegant touch to your light fixtures. In comparison, a canopy is less discreet but still manages to unite shape and functionality through a practical, stylish solution that completes your ceiling lamp in the most beautiful way.

In our collection of various mounts, you’ll also find solutions for slanted ceilings, so you can place your pendants on the slanted walls and ceilings without affecting the overall expression and light output. What you’ll notice in this collection is the various pendant mounts, which come in a range of colours and materials, so you’re guaranteed to find one or more mounts that are perfect for your lampshade, allowing you to create a unique, personal, and decorative lamp that fits seamlessly into your décor.

Pendant suspension in black or white

There are many kinds of pendant suspensions for various styles and atmospheres. What they all have in common is a minimalist expression that gives your interior design an industrial touch. No matter which suspension you choose, it’s important to pay attention to the mounting. Use a hook or something similar to relieve the socket from bearing the entire load of the lamp. Note that some suspensions come with a matching canopy while this needs to be purchased separately in other cases.

If you want a discreet suspension that doesn’t take too much attention away from the decorative light source, you can choose between various suspensions in black and white. Likewise, it’s a safe bet if you need a cable with a socket for your pendant or new lampshade. Alternatively, a cable in a strong colour is a quick way to spice up your pendant. A suspension is an easy way to combine your favourite lamp with a personal, modern touch.

Pendant suspensions in wood

On top of colours, various other materials are currently popular in interior design. Natural elements are especially popular, so wooden suspensions are also available. Wood has a calm and relaxing expression, making it a great match for the warm and gentle glow that really brings atmosphere into the room.

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Pendant suspensions in  brass and other metals

Glossy metals are also quite popular in modern interior design. Warm metals like gold, copper, and brass all radiate warmth and bring a calm, cosy expression into your home. Cool metals like silver, brushed steel, and chrome have a glossy modern look that’s easily paired with all sorts of colour. These add a timeless touch of minimalism and an edge.

Naturally, the same goes for suspensions made from copper, brass, brushed chrome, and brushed steel. These metals also create a luxurious contrast to all the sensory fabrics that are trending at the moment.

Fabric cables with plugs

Most of us have experienced the mess of moving, when the sun goes down before the lights have been put up in your new home. You come up with a temporary solution, building a cosy atmosphere with a simple cable and a bulb. You can recreate this simple, minimalist suspension with its honest and straightforward design even once you’re settled. If you want more than just a temporary solution, there are various gorgeous options out there—plugs made from wood, metal, or silicone, all paired with a fabric cable that lights up your home in a modern and exclusive glow. Meanwhile, the fabric cable serves as an exciting contrast to the material of the plug.
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