PH 5 & PH 5 Mini

This classic and very desirable pendant was created by the architect Poul Henningsen and is produced by the Danish lighting company Louis Poulsen, a fruitful partnership that spanned Henningsen’s entire working life.

Having developed his three-shade system at the end of the 1920s, Henningsen began working on extensions and refinements. The spread of electric lighting spurred his mission to create glare-free lamps, ultimately leading to his revolutionary, completely glare-free five-shade system.

The PH 5 was launched in 1958, and it’s difficult to imagine a lamp that works better over the dining table. It’s no surprise that that’s exactly where you find many, many PH 5s – in Denmark, across Scandinavia and around the world.
Ph 5 Mini Grey - Louis Poulsen
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Ph 5 Mini Red  - Louis Poulsen
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