PH 5 & PH 5 Mini

The classic coveted pendant was created by the architect Poul Henningsen and is manufactured by the Danish lighting brand Louis Poulsen—a collaboration that lasted throughout Henningsen’s life. After developing the three-shade system in the late 1920s, he started work on improving the system. As electrical bulbs developed, his mission to create a light that doesn’t blind was challenged. These developments resulted in the five-shade system that made his pendants completely blind-free.
Ph 5 Mini Blue - Louis Poulsen
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Ph 5 Mini Green - Louis Poulsen
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PH 5 lamps in various colours

PH 5 was launched in 1958 and is perfect for lighting up a dining table. This is a common place for the pendant, which has been a classic in Danish homes for generations. PH 5 Mini was launched in 2017. The Mini version has a 30 cm diameter, while the original has a 50 cm diameter.

The brand launched a new version in stunning colours to mark the 60th anniversary of Poul Henningsen’s iconic five-shade system. Whereas the classic pendant was white, blue, and red, the new versions are available in pink, blue, and green hues—amongst many others.

The new colours ensure that there’s a pendant for every style and room. You can even use one or more of the colourful versions as a contrast in bright, Nordic homes. Discover the shades on

PH 5 Mini

The original pendant was introduced in a smaller version in 2017. Whereas the original had a diameter of 50 cm, this version only measures 30 cm. This allows you to introduce the wonderful qualities of the pendant into smaller contexts.

Mini is excellent for mounting above the kitchen table. You can hang multiples of the same colour or mix and match to enjoy the thorough design and blind-free light. Another great place for them is the entryway or along a long hallway.
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