PH Artichoke

PH Artichoke is one of the most famous lamps in Danish design history. The world-famous pendant is now seen as an international design icon and symbol of the golden age of Danish design. It was designed by Poul Henningsen who was tasked with creating a chandelier with light that wouldn’t blind for the modernist Langelinie Pavilion in Copenhagen. The result of this task was the sculptural PH Artichoke, which continues to enchant at the Pavilion to this day.

Aside from the original copper, the lamp has since been manufactured in polished and brushed steel, brass, white, and black. Choose from four different sizes with diameters between 48-84 cm.
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An exclusive and sculptural chandelier that does not blind

In 1958, Poul Henningsen was commissioned to design a large chandelier for the modernist restaurant Langelinie Pavilion in Copenhagen. One of the requirements was highly specific: the chandelier must not blind regardless of the angle of viewing. Poul Henningsen solved this task by creating a PH lamp with 72 copper “leaves” distributed across 12 even rows.

Combined with copper, the elegant design reflects a warm and comfortable glow that suited the exclusive restaurant perfectly. To this day, the Artichoke continues to enchant at the Langelinie Pavilion in Copenhagen where its distinct shape and design combine to form an inviting appearance and bathe its surroundings in a gorgeous glow.

The original copper design gave the lamp a natural expression and a warm, comfortable light. The design of the lamp is reminiscent of an artichoke, hence its name. In countries like Denmark, the lamp is also referred to as the Pine Cone because of its brown hues.

Timeless design for modern décor

Based on Poul Henningsen’s light philosophy, Louis Poulsen now manufactures the Artichoke lamp and a range of other PH lamper by the renowned designer. To ensure the highest level of quality, large parts of the manufacturing process are still done by hand. Although PH Artichoke has more than 60 years to its name, it continues to be one of the most popular lamps out there. These days, world-famous design is considered an international icon.

Over time, the PH Artichoke collection has been expanded to include versions in brushed and polished steel, brass, and white metal. The newest addition is the PH Artichoke in black, which hit the market in 2020. The matte black surface has a modern expression that fits the trends of our time perfectly. An absolute showstopper that commands attention regardless of whether you place it at the office, in a showroom, or in your home.
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